Swiss Artist Smashes Glass to Create Amazing Art Pieces

Anything can be used to create art.

Or, at least, that’s what most talented artists will tell you. But, we all know that things aren’t as simple as that. If you’re not skilled or talented enough, you could have all the best materials in the world, and you still wouldn’t be able to create art that’s anywhere close to the quality of output that some artists can make.

That’s the harsh reality.

Take for example, how this Swiss artist can create things from destroying them.

Simon Berger is such a creative artist that when you give him a hammer and a chisel, he will whack away at the glass in all the right pieces, and the results will be stunning pieces of glass art that you never thought could be made without using special equipment.

These glass portraits are just so amazing to look at, and you can’t help but admire the quality of Simon’s work.

To see more of Simon Berger, as well as what he’s managed to create with a hammer and chisel, be sure to scroll down below. However, do NOT even think about attempting to do this at home — you’re more likely to break the glass into pieces than to create something artistic out of it.