This Cat and Horse Have Been Inseparable For Years

What’s the most unlikely of animal friends you’ve seen over the years? Cats and dogs? Cats and mice? How about cats and horses?

Champy the horse and Morris the cat have spent the better part of the past decade as best friends, choosing to hang out together.

Morris was a 9-month-old shelter cat when his human took him home and introduced him to Champy and the two have spent pretty much every waking moment together as the unlikeliest of best friends.

These days, you can see Morris hanging out on Champy’s back.

Morris and Champy’s story just goes to show that animals of different species can be friends with each other. But, more importantly, it shows just how much of a better life pet owners can give pets by picking them up from shelters instead of buying them directly from breeders and kennels.

There are still millions of animals in shelters today, and even though you can most likely only adopt one, every bit of help counts.

In any case, you should scroll down below to see photos of Morris and Champy hanging out together.