Taschen Re-Releases Set of Surreal Tarot Cards Made by Salvador Dali

According to the legend, back in the early 1970s, famous surreal artist Salvador Dali was commissioned by the James Bond producers to create a custom deck of tarot cards for “Live and Let Die.” Dali gladly accepted as he was interested in mysticism thanks to his wife Gala.

When the producers decided to back from the idea, Dali continued the work on the set regardless and created 78 cards. The artworks on the cards were absolutely stunning and contained Dali’s unique interpretations of the classical designs which included using his own likeness for the Magician card.

Dali’s tarot set was released in a limited edition in 1984 and was quickly sold out. 35 later, the set is now back thanks to art book publisher Taschen. The publishing company recently re-released the full set alongside a booklet that contains the history of its making alongside explanations and instructions.

Check out this amazing set and some of its cards below.