Tattoo Artist Creates Astonishingly Realistic Pop Culture-Inspired Tattoos

Tattoo artist Pablo Frias creates some of the most amazing realistic tattoos we have seen to date. His works mainly revolve around pop culture characters and motifs and are amazing to look at.

Frias, who hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina, showed a keen interest in art from a very young age. While looking for his artistic path, he started working as a tattoo apprentice at a local studio and has been creating tattoos ever since.

Eventually, Frias honed his tattooing skills to an expert level, making him capable of recreating anime, cartoon, video game, and movie characters on his client’s skin with astonishing accuracy. He is so good at it that his tattoo works almost look like someone placed a sticker.

Frías is currently a resident artist at New York City’s reputable tattoo parlor Inknation Studio. According to him, it was the work at Inknation Studio that actually inspired his distinct tattoo style.

“It’s here that I’ve put my own spin on the art, bringing a distinct cartoon style to life. I’ve soaked up inspiration from fellow artists in the studio, and every day is a chance to push my craft further, “Frías explains on his website.

Check out more of Frias’ works below.

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♬ sonido original – Pablo Ezequiel Frias

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♬ Dragon Ball Z – The Dragon’s Ball Band

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♬ One piece – Sound Market