Joan Cornella’s Posters are Demotivational and Hilarious

You might not be familiar with the name Joan Cornella, but there is a high chance you have seen some of his works on social media. Cornella is famous for his series of posters that are equal part of demotivational and funny.

Cornella uses these posters to showcase his unusual and somewhat dark sense of humor that is heavy on satire and goes places most artists would never think about going. His works encourage people to sleep at work, tell them that hard work doesn’t pay off, and call them out on all of the shortcomings in their lives.

However, even if his works are meant to cause some stir and make people uncomfortable, Cornella doesn’t want to take the demotivational element too far. 

“Sometimes I try to see how far I can push it, especially with the comic strips, but I need to know when to stop,” Cornella shared in a recent interview with Juxtapoz. “It’s the same when you are making a painting, you need to know when to stop for not messing the composition.”

Cornella shares his new works on Instagram, where he currently has almost 3.5 million followers. Scroll down to check out some of our favorite ones.