Dolaana Davaá Creates One-Of-A-Kind Melting Art

Dolaana Davaá is a Milan, Italy-based artist who creates one-of-a-kind melting art that leaves viewers captivated and puzzled. Her works feature melting artworks and frames that look like they were saved from a fire at the last moment.

Davaá’s creative process could be described as sculpting and painting coming together in a single piece of art. The artist crafts her melting frames by hand and then creates a painting that perfectly fits the frame, creating an uninterrupted illusion.

Most of the time, paintings inside Davaá’s melting frames are inspired by the paintings of Old Masters or represent recreations of their works. By doing so, she is “trying to destroy” her academic artistic formation and “create room” for contemporary art.

“My art is always about my feelings. It’s a way to self-communicate with my inner me and we can say that sometimes it’s the subjects that choose me first. This process is chaotic and unconscious, it’s like doing therapy,” the artist explained in a recent interview with Art Squat.

Davaá shares her newest projects on Instagram, where she has more than 160K followers. She also operates an Etsy shop, where she offers her artwork as well as melting frames for mirrors. You can check out more of her melting art below.