These Bone-Chilling Creatures are Actually Made from Crochet

The art of crochet is mostly linked to friendly grandmas and vintage interiors. But for Philadelphia-based artist, Caitlin McCormack, crochet is the perfect medium for her spine-chilling creations.

Using discarded textile materials, covered with enamel paint, this artist creates skeletal looking creatures that clash with the gentle art of crochet. Some of her creations include the reconstruction of animal or human bones, that are then encased in glass jars. Those remind of scientific specimens from a time gone by.

Working from her studio in South Philly, McCormack says that she “crochets to forget the world, in the chaos of her slovenly, nest-like studio.”

By using a crocheting technique passed on in her family, McCormack says she “aim[s] to generate emblems of my diminishing bloodline, embodied by each organism’s skeletal remains.”

Scroll down for some of her eye-popping work.

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Here a full image of “Guaranteed Fast” for EPHEMERAL, @beautifulbizarremagazine’s curated group show at @moderneden. I wish I could have been in San Francisco last night for the opening! The entire exhibit is currently up on Modern Eden’s website and *psst this piece is still available* if you want to unravel it and use the string to make cat toys or something, or maybe tie it around your fingers to remember stuff. Anything, really. I’m not here to judge the things you do with the string that my work is made from once it’s completely disassembled. . . The show features works by: @aaronnagel, @alexandra_manukyan, @alessandradraws, @ania_tomicka, @baotpham, @bellaharrisart, @benhoweart, @caiakoopman, @mister_caitlin, @camilladerrico, @chrisguestartist, @cmorey, @conradroset, @bilmesart, @erikasculpture, @gosiafineart, @handiedan, @hannahyata, @helicewen, @herakut, @kelogsloops, @hikarishimoda, @horkadolls, @jacubgagnon, @janabrike, @strangeling, @jean_pierre_arboleda, @redrabbit7, @jdalva, @jessicasorentang, @inlander, @jodee_knowles, @adipocere, @cookienamnam, @chardinchardin, @kelseyjbeckett, @kevinpetersonart, @carlosbob, @dolldrums, @lauracolors, @lbustamante, @lorinelsonart, @marielarkin_, @martinejohanna, @maryjaneansell, @twistedmatter, @naoto_hattori, @mahlimae, @_fernbeds_, @olgaesther.pinturas, @negiyakisoba, @pammyw222, @rodrigoluff, @ronitbaranga, @samyongart, @sarah_joncas, @sarah__davey__, @scottradkeart, @sheridebow, @stellaimhultberg, @taramcpherson, @tombagshaw, @tracylewisart, @mynameistran, @officialtroybrooks, @dholbachie, @youngchun_art, @zoekellerart. .

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