These Ceramic Sculptures Turn Dreams into Nightmares

Brtish-Canadian ceramic sculptor, Susannah Montague, makes intricate ceramic sculptures that capture your attention. “Viewing a Susannah Montague piece is a bit like falling down a rabbit hole,” claims her website, “and feeling in turns terrified and utterly charmed.”

Her pieces are a mixture of animal, human, and objects. Combined, they form a fairy tale landscape, evoking images of folk tales, dreams, and (sometimes) nightmares.

“The inspiration comes from mysticism and esotericism which touches on daydreams and the fantastical elements that haunt our nights,” said the artist. 

“Within the eerie beauty of these ceramic sculptures is an exploration of the intersection between dreams and reality – at the same time, fusing innocence and corruption in the flowers, dolls, lizards, toys, and skulls that fervidly explode in these contemporary baroque compositions, asking us to revel in the beauty of the absurd.”

Check out some of her work below.