These Illustrated Mantras Are a Spoon Full of Sugar

Scrolling through Instagram can be an overwhelming experience. The grass is always greener on the other side, especially if that other side happens to be an Instagram it-girl. But here’s a reminder: life is tough, relationships are hard, and you are doing just fine.

Melody Hansen’s illustrated mantras act as friendly reminders that help you go throughout the day (or throughout your Instagram feed) without losing your mind.

“I create designs, while combining typography, handwritten and illustrated elements, and images,” explained Hansen in a conversation with To Write Love On Her Arms. “Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace the ‘less is more’ motto. I prefer open spaces where there is room to breathe and a lot of light, and I think this comes out in my work. But this doesn’t mean everything should be perfect; I like to include a ‘human’ touch, too. It makes the work more honest, and I think that’s important.”

“I believe there is something so supernatural about art and the act of creating,” she added. “It does something to the soul that I don’t think I can explain. It awakens parts of us we didn’t know were there, it brings people together, makes us feel less alone. The way I see it is that when you create, it comes from a very deep part of you, where you find the courage to be honest, true, and vulnerable. It’s quite an intimate process, really.”

Take a look at some of her work below and be sure to follow her for your daily reminders.

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Little paintings 👄

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