These Imaginative Illustrations Will Send You Into a Fairytale World

As children, we all love fairy tales and fun stories about different characters we would later imagine and identify with. What made the stories even more special were pictures. The way we remember our favorite characters from tales our parents used to read to us, strongly depends on the illustrations in the book.  

We are about to present to you one amazing artist who’s charming watercolor illustrations reminded us of some beautiful moments from childhood.  

Ana Speshilova is an illustrator based in Russia. She makes illustrations that would be perfect for children’s books or films. The characters are usually people and animals having fun in nature, living in harmony. Wolves having a tea-party in the woods, or a girl riding through the woodlands on a moose, together with a deer, a hare, and some foxes. The one we found the sweetest depicts a female character reading a book and a family of polar bears, a deer, rabbit, and a few owls are listening, snuggled around her. 

Speshilova’s paintings show both her amazing skills with a paintbrush and her imagination. The images are very appealing for her perfect use of color and their clearness.  

If you’d like to take a trip down the imagination lane, check out Speshilova’s works below!