These Magical Paintings Will Transport You to Another Dimension

Italian artist Cristoforo Scorpiniti, better known as Crisco Art on Instagram, creates magical paintings that come to life in the dark. It seems like these paintings are capable of showing us two sides of this world – one that’s happening during the day and another that starts once night falls.

Scorpiniti started creating these glow-in-the-dark paintings a few years ago and his work mostly features fairytale-like landscapes and animals. “I started with color symbolism first and foremost,” the artist told Bored Panda. “Later on, I [added] scenarios of the natural world [with] strong emotional impact … I like to think of [my universe] as an uninfected, primitive, magical world.”

Scorpiniti has mastered the art of creating these magical paintings and built a huge base of admirers, but he still has one more wish. “My biggest dream is to open my [own] gallery in major cities around the world so that everyone can admire my creations,” he says.

Take a look at Scorpiniti’s dreamy artwork in the photos below.