These Paper Wigs Are Next Level

Wigs have been around since the ancient Egyptians decided to shave their heads and put on headdresses to protect themselves from the sun, but these wigs are unlike anything you’ve seen before. 

A pair of artists have created new wigs that are challenging what you ever thought paper was possible at creating. Using perfect white paper, Asya Kozina and Dmitriy Kozin twist and turn the sheaths into pieces that are inspired by Baroque and Rococo wigs. 

“Our creative process always begins with making sketches of our ideas, or even writing them down and discussing them together,” Kozin said. “Then we research the subject and start the actual work. We may change something in the process, but in most cases, we know what we want and move towards our goal. It is great to be completely absorbed in the project and to work around the clock. Pizza is a given on those days.”

Some of the Ukrainian-Russian duo’s most elaborate creations feature images of swords, ships, planes, and buildings. 

Talk about carrying the weight of the world on your head.