These Sisters Are Taking Makeup to the Next Level

Sisters Abby and Charlotte Roberts are makeup enthusiasts with an enviable number of social media followers. The 18-year old Abby and her younger sister have been interested in makeup since they were little girls. However, Abby was the first who started experimenting with it.

”I started practicing makeup for fun when I was around 11 years old, so I’ve been doing makeup for 7 years now, but I’d say that I only really started taking it seriously and doing the creative stuff you see today 1-2 years ago,” she told Bored Panda.

Charlotte was also 11-years-old when she began using makeup, and her sister was her inspiration.

“Abby really inspired me to start trying makeup as we had always done arts and crafts together when we were younger and then when Abby started using makeup it prompted my interest too,” Charlotte added. “Also watching a lot of YouTube makeup tutorials really made me want to learn how to do makeup myself!”

If you are interested to see their work, check out their Instagram accounts below.