German Designer and Illustrator Creates Adorable Miniature Illustrations

Carina Czisch is a Berlin-based artist who describes herself as a designer by day, illustrator by night. Being a vector, icons, and illustrations enthusiast, the artist created an Instagram page called My Vector Playground where she could share her amazing creations.

“I do all my little vector artworks in my free time as a way to strengthen my illustration skills and to have a closer look at my environment,” the artist wrote on Bored Panda. “Because that’s the place where my inspiration comes from – form nearly everything surrounding me. So I turn a part of the real world into little digital scenes (thanks to my computer mouse and Adobe Illustrator).”

On her Instagram account, she shares cute illustrations and has gained a following of almost two thousand people. She also has a dribble account where you can check out her artwork.

If you are interested to see Czisch’s creations, just keep on scrolling!