These Sky-High Wire Mesh Structures Are Jaw-Dropping

Italian sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi is known for his awe-inspiring sculptures of figures and edifices meticulously crafted from wire mesh. Playing with the transparency of mesh allows him to create ghost-like structures that are featured in public spaces, archaeological contexts, contemporary art, and music festivals and group shows.

Cited by Forbes among the 30 most influential European artists under 30, his installations include the restoration of the Basilica paleocristiana of Siponto – a unique convergence between contemporary art and archaeology. With this installation, he reimagined the architectural remains of the 13th-century chapel. 

“I see in wire mesh poetics the depiction of a mental projection or, when related to history, the representation of what used to exist but is no longer there,” Tresoldi explained in an interview with Designboom. “Through transparency, I’m also able to keep a direct link with the environment and to establish a new kind of immersive experience for visitors.”

“I deeply feel the charm of places and I recognize their expressive potential,” he stressed. “My main interest is the relationship between the different elements of the landscape and how contemporary languages dialogue with each other, building its emotional structure. I always spend the right time studying and understanding the characteristics of the site, which become constituent parts of the work.”

His experimentations with wire mesh are as stunning as they are thought-provoking. Take a look for yourself: