These People Ditched Mortgages For Tiny Houses

For our parents, a stable adult life meant owning their own house by the age of 30. But today, owning your own three-bedroom, two-bathroom house is a farfetched fantasy for most people. Houses are expensive, they chain you down, and they aren’t too environmentally-friendly. Some folks aren’t ready to accept this reality as the only possibility. Their solution? Tiny houses.

The tiny house movement has been trending in the past couple of years. Tiny house owners live in houses of about 300 square feet, that they either build themselves or commission from professional tiny house construction companies. Tiny houses can be immobile, or they can have wheels; They can be made with traditional materials such as wood or bricks, or they can be made from recycled materials such as old shipping containers, boats, and cars. Basically, if it has four walls and a roof- it can be a tiny house.

Tiny house owners live their lives free. They don’t have a mortgage to pay, they can travel the country if their house is on wheels, and they can sometimes even generate their own electricity with solar panels and gather rainwaters in a tank, thus avoiding bills – and unnecessary emissions.

Tiny houses may not be for everyone, but they sure are an interesting answer to our world’s problems. And who knows, maybe in the future we’ll all downsize to small, mobile, self-sufficient spaces.