This 93-Year-Old Grandma & Her Grandson Make a Hilarious Duo

93-year-old Pauline Kana, better known as “Granny,” and her 27-year-old grandson Ross Smith became social media stars thanks to their close relationship and unique sense of humor. The duo started building their money-making empire six years ago when Ross decided to feature his grandma in one of his short videos on Vine.

Granny proved herself to be a valuable partner in making these funny videos and she’s been working with her grandson ever since. Ross and Granny are making comedy sketches for YouTube, mini-documentaries where Granny shares her wisdom and experiences, but they also create hilarious Instagram content by dressing up in different costumes.

“Honestly most people – and I was probably one of those people at the time – don’t have respect for the elderly,” Smith told CNBC. “Once you’re old, you kind of go away and go to a nursing home. Doing this opened my mind to how awesome old people are and how cool they live their lives. They appreciate the small things we don’t appreciate in this fast-paced advertising industry-based life.”

Thanks to their unique relationship, the duo garnered a huge following – they have 892k Youtube subscribers, 2.7 million Instagram, and 9 million Facebook followers.

Check out Ross and Granny’s adventures on their Instagram page.