This Artist Turns the World Around Her Into a Rainbow

The hottest trend of the past decades has been muted colors. Pastels, neutral tones, greys, delicate pink, and baby blue have been all the rage. But sometimes you just have to have a pop of color around you to wake you up. And Jen Stark is all about popping colors. 

Born in Miami, Florida, Jen has always been interested in visual art and in the immense effect color can have on anyone. She’s loved the idea of capturing growth, evolution and sacred geometry in color. After graduation from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2005, she’s been working to capture those concepts in her art. 

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Jen draws on all kinds of canvases. Sometimes she uses a traditional canvas, and sometimes she draws over a bathing suit, a wall or even a human body. The work surface doesn’t matter – whatever it is, she’ll cover it with mesmerizing shapes and colors. 

The end result really is mesmerizing. It’s hard to get your eyes off of her art. It sucks you in with all of the tiny details and beautiful color combinations. Many of her paintings look like broken, warped rainbows, and getting lost in them is so easy. 

So if you ever get tired of rose-gold and shades of beige, head over to Jen’s IG account. You’ll find there all the color you can possibly want.