This Artist’s Rendering of Mother Nature Will Leave You Speechless

Imsage via colorbyfeliks/Instagram

Many artists prefer traditional canvases, but this painter uses something entirely different.

Russian artist Feliks Kaparchuk uses vinyl as well as other interesting items to render landscape paintings. This unconventional choice of canvas helps create an illusion of seeing nature from a porthole window. He has portrayed sparking northern lights as well as electric sunsets, and these scenes capture the beauty of Mother Nature.

This talented artist says he loves to add whimsical and vibrant colors to all his pieces to create the perfect blend of surrealism and realism. The bright colors and focus being the pieces to life and really makes them unique.

Kaparchuk has mastered this technique over the years. He has also developed a paint blending technique which involves the use of a special mop brush. When he applies some colourful acrylic paint on the vinyl surface, a large brush is used to merge the hues lightly to create vibrant skies.