This Comics Will Remind You to Be Kinder to Others

As a result of our busy lives and hectic schedules, we often forget to look after the people we love most, to spend time with them, and show them we care. Illustrator Chow Hon Lam hopes to remind us to take time out of our busy schedules for others. Her webcomic “TeeyouTu” will inspire you to do just that.

Lam’s comics have no dialogue in them, which is a bit unusual for this art form, but the illustrator hopes that this way, people from all around the world will understand her message.

“I created a comic called TeeyouTu to remind myself to always care, treasure people and things around us more before it’s too late”, she told Bored Panda. “A little move from us is always heartwarming, no need for a big move. I look after you, you look after me, let’s make the world a better place.”

The language of compassion and love is universal, so we’re pretty sure that most of you will understand and appreciate this lovely comic. Check it out below.