This Designer Solves Problems That Don’t Even Exist

Some problems don’t need fixing – buא Matt Benedetto insists on fixing them anyway.

Matt is a product designer from Vermont, which means he makes his living making sure various products are useful and easy to use. In his free time, though, he does the absolute opposite – by inventing products that solve problems that don’t exist.

It all started as a gag and a way to make fun of odd online shopping habits and bizarre products marketed at consumers these days – stuff no one asked for, but for some reason, still exist. Matt decided to try and make his own line of useless products as a sort of creative outlet.

What are these useless products? The Handy Chops, for example – chopsticks designed like tiny hands, to grab noodles more efficiently, or JiffyCuts, a machine that cuts your fingers all at the same time.

The point of these inventions is exactly that they’re pointless – who would even want these things? But Matt takes his inspiration from actual, real-world products that are manufactured and sold every day, mostly on the internet. He’s having fun designing his wacky creations, but he’s also trying to convey a message – maybe some of the ideas we come up with are better as ideas, and don’t need to end up on the online market.