This Gum Packs a Cheeky Insult as You Grab a Piece

Many of us have gum or breath mints with us at all times, just in case we eat a meal that’s extra oniony or garlicky. Zoe Schneider decided to make light of this issue by designing gum packets that say exactly what everyone else has been thinking.

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Made these, up on my Behance if you interested

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The packets, called Bite Me, resemble mouths and whenever you go to grab a piece of tooth-shaped gum, you’ll be taunted with a funny insult. The flavors are also not what you’d expect from gum as they include Black and Blueberry, Citrus Smash, and Pummelmint.

The sayings include, “Your Breath Is Horrendous,” “You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth?, “Chew With Your Mouth Closed, You Imbecile,” and “I Hope I Get Stuck On Your Shoe.” We have to admit, it’s pretty clever and cute at the same time.

This isn’t the only punny product Schneider, a graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design, has created. She also has a book of oversimplified movie plot twists and products aimed at increasing sexual health awareness.