Family Made Led Angel Wings Using Recycled Plastic Bottles

Alas Iluminosas aka Illuminous Angel Wings is a true masterpiece made of 300 recycled water bottles and color-changing LED pixels.

“We came up with the idea when we saw all these empty water bottles leftover from my son’s soccer game,” artist Andy Harbeck shared on Bored Panda. “We decided to create a new display using these bottles for our Christmas light show that allows people to stop and take a photo while reminding everyone to be conscious of recycling.”

According to him, the wingspan is 10 ft wide and each bottle was rotocast with a thin white resin to diffuse the light evenly throughout the bottle.

“The light patterns that illuminate each bottle can be controlled in different ways such as projecting across the entire wingspan or only on certain areas like the edges of the wings or internally,” he added.

Check out the video below if you are curious to see the remarkable wing.