This Illustrator Captures the Joyful Moments In Life

With degrees in both Strategic Communications and Architecture, Pearada Cheepsatayakorn considers herself a visual storyteller. “I tell stories through my illustrations,” she explained in an interview with The Smoke Detector.

Using lines and colors, she captures the joyful moments in life. Her happy, relaxed, and mood-lifting illustration are mostly created using pen and watercolors. “I love capturing real-time moments so if I wish I could elongate the moments I want to capture and see every movement in slow motion,” she says. “I want to see every second in a more detailed way.”

When it comes to her sources of inspiration, she finds plenty of those through her travels around the world. “Traveling inspires me,” she says. “First off, it does the heart good! I love to slowly indulge and fully appreciate the atmosphere. I always carry a sketchbook with me to capture the moment I love with my drawing,” she went on to explain. “The more I see of the world the more stories I have to share. Especially when I travel alone, I get to date the city and I get to see it from a different angle. Every time I change environment, new ideas spark into life.”

But when she doesn’t have time to travel outdoors, she takes her travels online, using her laptop screen instead. “I find loads of inspiration through visual social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram,” says Cheepsatayakorn. “I can spend the whole day pinning and getting inspired by those images.”

Take a look at some of her uplifting work: