This Man Illustrates His Journeys, and it’s Mezmerizing

José Naranja is an artist and author who wanted to archive his traveling adventures in a unique way. The former aeronautic engineer creates hand-crafted journals where he puts items like collected stamps, illustrations of maps and the periodic table. His second work titled The Nautilus Manuscript is a 208-page handbound leather journal that contains events from his life from 2015 to 2019.

“The project is about offering the people the same feeling as having the originals in their hands: same paper, size, leather cover, and mainly the same ‘touch.’ It’s bound by hand, slow but the only way to take care of details,” the artist told Colossal.

His journals are written mostly in Spanish and are available in his store. If you are interested to see his work, check out the gallery below, or follow him on Instagram where he has gained more than 206,000 followers and has hundreds of likes on each post.