This Illustrator Observes the World Around Her

Unlike most illustrators, Tasha Levytska didn’t grow up thinking she would become an artist. Growing up in a small town in Ukraine, she would spend a lot of time in the woods with her cousin, playing games and building tree houses. “I can’t say I drew a lot when I was a kid and I always wanted to be a coder when I grow up,” she admitted in an interview with Ballpitmag.

It was only when she moved to Kyiv and after receiving a biophysicist diploma, that she fell in love with drawing. “At the university, I understood I enjoy drawing some weird imaginary creatures and I started to draw a lot,” she recalled.

Now, still based in Kyiv, she works as a freelance illustrator, creating anything from editorial work, advertising, and publishing, to web illustrations and animated GIFs.

Describing her aesthetic as “fun, sometimes sarcastic, colorful, a bit psychedelic,” his goal is to make people laugh. “I like to make a good laugh and usually trying to find something funny in the outer world and bring it to my illustrations,” she says.

“I think that art is everywhere and I really like to observe,” she admits. “So, if in the subway you’ll see a girl who obscenely stares at you, probably it’s me.”

Take a look at some of her illustrated observations: