Felting Artist Makes Adorable Miniature Versions of Animals

Yulia Derevschikova is a Russian felting artist who has been making adorable miniature versions of animals since 2015. Derevschikova’s creations, made out of wool, are so detailed that you could easily mistake them for the real thing.

In order to replicate all the fine details like the color of the fur, eyes, or antlers, Derevschikova spends up to 20 hours on a single figurine. By her estimation, she has made more than 100 of these adorable miniatures, most of which found their home all across the world.

“The positive emotions I get when I deliver an order to the customer are very valuable to me, it gives me inspiration,” Derevschikova told Bored Panda in a recent interview.

Check out more of her works below.