This Young Gentleman Rocks Victorian Outfits Every Day

In a time when trends are universal and it seems like everywhere you go everyone is a pale copy of someone else, this guy is fabulously breaking every rule there is. 

Zack McLeod Pinsent from Brighton, UK, doesn’t see himself in modern outfits, so he decided to make clothes that he truly enjoys. In fact, the 25-year-old tailor has dedicated himself to creating outstanding historical outfits that he wears in his everyday life. His clothing style matches the style of a British Regency gentleman and it suits him incredibly well!  

He used to wear normal clothes but that bothered him and always made him uncomfortable. So, he decided to ceremoniously burn his jeans at the age of 14 and began wearing only clothes that made him feel good, which happened to be exactly what a Regency dandy would proudly wear.  

He also creates customized period clothing for clients, promising a high quality and historical accuracy. On top of that, all of his clothes are made from materials that were available in the era in which they were worn. Zack uses only 100% natural fibers and as little plastic as possible, so his products are also eco-friendly.  

 Check out his unique look in the gallery below!