What Disney Movies Would’ve Looked Like If They Were Real

Santiago Esparza is an artist based in Mexico who made a series of funny comics about what would happen if Disney movies were realistic. According to the artist, his inspiration came from his love for Disney movies.

“My inspiration for this series is my love for these movies, some of them are my favorite,” the artist told Bored Panda. “So I like to think that I make fun of these movies, but out of love, that’s probably why it connects with so many people. They don’t see it as a critique, they just want to laugh about the movies we all know and love.”

Esparza shares his illustrations on his Instagram account where he is known as Sanesparza. He has attracted over 295 thousand followers and has tens of thousands likes on each post.

Scroll down and take a look at his funny comics below. Is Esparza’s version is better than the original? Don’t forget to follow the arrows for more amazing images.