Tom Makes You Laugh With His Graffiti

If you are looking for an honest laugh, this young artist from New York is just the guy for you. He gathered his massive Instagram following by being creative in places where things need to be serious. Nothing looks boring in Tom’s head and he makes sure that you will get to see his vision in person, all around New York or on his Instagram page, where he posts daily.  

From a normal sewer to an old bench or a building’s roof, Tom seems to view the world as his own personal canvas, and he seems to be really good at his jobs. His creations are colorful and really well thought of, it seems like nothing he does is random, and every picture has a story and a concept. 

There is a catch though. Tom doesn’t really want to expose himself, so we are not sure whether this guy’s actual name is Tom, how he really looks like or when he does his art. People all just wake up one morning and boom, there is a brand work of art on the electric meter, right in front of their house.  

Tom has been going strong for years and we really hope nobody catches him since people like him are the people who make this world a better place to live, one graffiti at a time.