These Greeting Cards Are Fun, Nerdy, and Pun-tastic!

We admit it: we’re obsessed with greeting cards. We don’t care if it makes us sound like a cheesy Hallmark card. In this day and age – we need all the positivity we can get. Especially if it comes in cute, illustrated, paper form. The Hello!Lucky brand is just the thing we need.

Launched in 2003 by sisters Eunice James and Sabrina Moyle, the letterpress greeting-card brand sells online and throughout worldwide stores. James, a gifted illustrator, loves the craft of letterpress, creating beautiful, tactile prints that offer a humanizing counterpoint to our fast-paced digital world. Moyle, a creative entrepreneur, dove in to get Hello!Lucky off the ground with its first collection of letterpress printed greeting cards which pushed the envelope with exuberant illustrations and fun puns.

“Hello!Lucky’s story started when sisters and co-founders Eunice James and Sabrina Moyle were growing up in Asia surrounded by ebullient and thriving Asian pop and craft culture, an international community, and Eastern spiritual wisdom, and supported by parents who were equal parts creative, adventurous, nerdy, and pun-tastic,” reads the sisters’ website.

“Hello!Lucky is founded in the belief that creativity, positivity, humor, and kindness are the key ingredients to a life well-lived,” the two write. “We believe in bringing playful exuberance to everything we make, and to creating products that deepen connections between people and their loved ones. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to express themselves and to live in a world that affirms beauty, diverse experiences, and kindness.”