Unique Matchbox Collection Features Dog Illustrations

After a wildly successful collection of matchboxes that were designed with a hilarious cat illustration on the front, artist Ravi Zupa is back with something new. This time his matchboxes sport a different animal – dogs.

The new collection of woodblock-printed matchboxes features ten different dog illustrations and showcase breeds like the Beagle, Chihuahua,and Boston Terrier.

“These are the people in our lives with complicated dispositions and attitudes who never fail to bring us joy, even when they’re jerks”, the artist said. “This new set of matchboxes is an effort to give the overly expressive, stubborn, supportive, unpredictable, confused and self-important beings in our lives the recognition they deserve.”

Dog lovers and collectors can order these wonderful matchboxes in the artist’s online shop. Check out some of them in the gallery below.