We’ve Fallen Head Over Paws with Pavlov the Corgi

Pavlov the Corgi is an Instagram favorite. Based in Southern California with his human companions, Anthony Osuna and Tram Nguyen, he has amassed quite a fanbase.

The three-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi loves soaking up the sun and wearing adorable little costumes that highlight his tiny physique. His followers like to keep up with his daily adventures, with one particular video of him, hopping through the snow in Utah, going viral.

Each of his photos is uploaded with a funny caption and with a trending Instagram, Facebook and Youtube page, he naturally, has his own merch.

Corgis make for excellent pets. Although these dogs have been favored by British royalty for more than seventy years, among the British public they have recently fallen into decline in terms of popularity and demand.

However, they remain very popular in the United States, where cities such as New York, Boston, and Los Angeles hold annual “Corgi Meetups,” in which hundreds of dogs and their owners congregate to spend the day.

Check out Pavlov in action!