This Artist is Using Mixed Nuts to Create Playful Illustrations

We’ve seen dozens of artists create incredible masterpieces using nothing but food, but one of them is specializing in one kind of food in particular – mixed nuts.

Visual artist Yaser Ahmad from Saudi Arabia is the mastermind behind Instagram page @mokassarart which almost reached 30k followers. The name of his project originates from the Arabic word for nuts – Mokassarat – because they’re front and center in all of his illustrations.

Ahmad decided to use nuts as an outlet for his creativity because they have different shapes and nice color gradation, which makes them pleasing to the eye. He starts every project by sketching the idea, before taking a photo of the nuts he arranged and drawing around them.

He uses peanuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, and other kinds of mixed nuts to bring his amazing drawings to life, and they feature everything from animals and plants to everyday objects. His illustrations are usually black and white, but nicely arranged nuts add some color and life to each one.