Artist Sculpts His Favorite Movie and Cartoon Characters

Dart Clay Creations is the pseudonym for a talented computer graphics artist who now sculpts busts, heads, figurines from polymer clay and shares it on his YT channel.

He started his DIY journey back in 2019 when started experimenting with polymer clay sculpting, but he ran into some problems. However, despite all the difficulties, he still wanted to create his favorite characters.

“I learned more and more as time passed, from sculpting techniques to painting. I got to admit the painting is way more challenging for me, the most suitable paint for polymer clay is acrylic paints,” the artist shared on Bored Panda and added that he needs approximately one to two weeks to finish his artwork, depending on the complexity and the level of details.

“I always create characters that are interesting, unique or inspiring, some of them are maybe controversial but that means that I loved the movie.”

Scroll down and check out his work on his Instagram profile or have a look into his YouTube channel where he shows how his characters are done.