“Star Wars” Fans Will Fall in Love With These Kitchen Appliances

Star Wars is one of the most popular movie franchises of all time. As such, it isn’t surprising to see many designers being inspired by its universe and characters when creating new products. That is definitely the case with the latest line of appliances from Uncanny Brands, company that produces pop-culture kitchen items.

The company recently introduced a number of appliances and kitchen items that any Star Wars fan will immediately fall in love with. The list ranges from salt and pepper shakers designed to look like lightsabers to popcorn makers inspired by Death Star.

The Death Star popcorn maker is especially intriguing. It looks great on the kitchen counter, mimicking the Death Star’s powerful spherical look and making you rewatch the original Star Wars movie. Additionally, it also produced amazing popcorn to snack on while watching it.

If you are more into breakfast food, then there are plenty of other Star Wars items that Uncanny Brands offers. There is a waffle maker that imprints the design of the Death Star on the waffle, a toast maker shaped like R2-D2, and a Darth Vader-inspired coffee maker.

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