Zoe Wodarz’s Illustrations Are a Clever Mix of Colors and Patterns

With 20 years of artistic experience (anything from trend research, surface design, and product line development to pattern design and illustration), Zoe Wodarz is a force to be reckoned with. Known for her colorful approach to illustration, her work often features recurring shapes and patterns, all very pleasing to the eye.

A Minnesota-based designer, Wodarz began her career as a studio artist, merchandiser, and home decor gift-ware product designer working for companies such as Anthropologie, Midwest CBK and Target. Over the last five years, she has combined her digital skills and fine arts background into a thriving design career working as a surface designer for consumer products and licensing her work to manufacturers for online shops and major retail companies worldwide.

“I did go to school for Studio Art / Environmental Studies, I also took a Contemporary Art focused semester in NYC and numerous studio classes which shaped my education,” she relayed in an interview with The BoomBoom Prints blog. “I am self-taught in graphic design and computer-related illustration. I love to combine different media to create new techniques and stretch my skills!”

Her illustrative designs have been featured in advertising and marketing campaigns for brand social media, editorial, and store merchandising. “What I love about art is that it is never standing still,” says Wodarz, “my peers tell me I now have a slight signature style to my work but really I love to produce art and product design on demand. It is a special challenge to not rely on a medium or style for your inspiration but to let the world around you dictate the trends!”

Take a look at some of her eye-popping patterns in the gallery below and follow her Instagram page for more: