Emily Powell’s Vivid Paintings Are Exactly What We Need In Life

Using vibrant and juxtaposing colors, artist Emily Powell creates art that inspires positive and emotive responses in people. She finds inspiration in the sea that she looks at from her studio balcony and the berries she sees in her daily walks.

Powell has been painting since she was seven years old when her father passed away. Using bright colors was her way of bringing joy back into the lives of her and her family. She was very young when she learned that art can bring beauty and happiness to people.

Powell has been selling her work through Instagram and her sales increased during the lockdown. People find her art to be just the thing their homes are missing during these harsh times.

The artist spends her days and creates magic in a four-story fisherman’s cottage in Brixham, England. Her studio is set on the top floor and gives her a great view of the sea and the boats, which can be noticed in her art.

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