Winter Fate Bakes Scrumptious Cakes and Cupcakes

How food tastes is probably the most important characteristic, but looks are definitely at least second in line! For all of us with a sweet tooth, the incoming pictures are very difficult to see.

Winter Fate is the artistic name of a girl from Southern California who has been baking since 2003. She loves making people smile with good desserts. She taught herself how to bake through watching cooking shows and in recent years she has had such great progress that she’s offering her baking services in Los Angeles. Winter Fate specializes in floral cakes, buttercream, and fresh flowers  – she puts a lot of love into every one of her projects.  

Her favorite desserts from her own menu are hummingbird cake, Mississippi mud pie, and mini fruit tarts. Hummingbird cake is a fruit cake with pineapple, coconut oil, and cinnamon. Mississippi mud pie tastes mainly tastes like chocolate as it’s a black-and-white cake with a lot of cocoa, milk, and butter. Finally, mini fruit tarts are those cute little sugar bites that we see in nice pastry shops.  

Here are some marvelous creations by Winter Fate we think you’ll love!