Amazing! See How Much You Can Do With Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is referred to as clay because of certain major similarities the material shares with natural clay. Just like the clay mineral, polymer clay is also used for molding, after which the molded image gets very hard when it is cured by subjecting it to a temperature range of 129-135 degrees Celsius.

Polymer clay is usually conditioned before use. Conditioning this clay requires kneading it with the hand and then taken through two rollers, so that the resin particles in it can be broken, making it soft, flexible and easily molded. After molding, they are then subjected to about 129ºC- 135ºC to harden the mold.

The images and videos below were made by Büşra Güvendik, an artist who specializes in molding structures from polymer clay.

The talented artist creates special mugs with polymer clay figurines on them. Would you use this mug for coffee? See the pictures below.