Artist Cleverly Inserts Robots and Donuts Into Paintings

Growing up, contemporary artist Eric Joyner was obsessed with reading comics, drawing, and painting. He graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and today he is best known for his illustrations of robots and donuts.

Back in the early 2000s, he started painting things he liked the most: San Francisco urbanscapes, paintings of old newspaper cartoon characters, Mexican masks, and Japanese tin (toy) robots. Later, he decided to focus on the tin robots, as they were the most popular. But he soon realized that there was something missing.

“By 2002, the paintings were looking good, but they still needed something to play off of… perhaps a nemesis. After a month or so of searching for a ‘nemesis’, I had an epiphany while watching the movie Pleasantville. In one of the scenes, Jeff Daniels paints a still life of…donuts,” the artist wrote on his personal website. And so, in addition to painting robots, he added donuts into his paintings and the result is quirky and fun.

Joyner’s work is well-known in the art world and some of his paintings were used in the TV show The Big Bang Theory.

If you are interested to see his creations, check out the gallery below. Follow him on Instagram for future updates.