Cake Artist Vickie Liu and Her Delicious Disney-Inspired Donuts

Anyone with a relentless sweet tooth will tell you that donuts are not just reserved for breakfast. Whether you prefer glazed, frosted, flakey, cakey, topped or filled, you can’t go wrong when satisfying your craving with this delicious treat.

Australia-based amateur baker and “professional eater” Vickie Liu is known for creating all sorts of adorable fluffy donuts and cookies that look so real and cute that you’re not sure whether to eat them or frame them. With a background in architecture and interior design, she wanted to try something different, that would make other people happy.

Liu’s baking was primarily inspired by Toroto, Pusheen, and Rilakkumma, but after a while, her creations feature the faces of adorable animals and well-known movie and Disney characters. Others are simply made up of vibrant colors that jump right off the images, allowing us to feel like kids again.

But Liu doesn’t stop here. After she was nominated in 2017 for the title of ‘Instagrammer of the year’, she created a YouTube channel to show her beautiful creations to the world.

Scroll down and try not to eat one.

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