Watch an Artist Carve a Toucan Out of a Single Block of Ice in 2 Hours

Carving artist Ryan Cook from Vancouver, British Columbia is not only able to carve amazing, lifelike sculptures out of wood and ice with great precision, but also in an impressively short amount of time.

Cook shared a video on his YouTube channel showing how he carved a toucan out of a single block of ice in just two hours. The footage, which is time-lapsed at 1:36 minutes, is impressive to watch. 

According to Cook, the footage was captured at an ice festival in Fort Saint John as part of a quick carve competition.

Ryan Cook was introduced to the world of carving in 2012 while appearing as an apprentice on the TV show Saw Kings. He later appeared on Netflix’s reality series Carver Kings, where his talent was on full display.

Cook is now traveling the world and making amazing sculptures as part of carving competitions. When he’s not competing, he is working on commissions and personal projects at his home studio in Vancouver. You can check out some of his other works by visiting his social media or by continuing to scroll.