Artist Creates Amazing Jelly Cakes

Image via siewheng83/Instagram

These days, confectionery is more creative than ever. Many artists from different parts of the world are creating art from food with different ingredients. Siew Heng Boon, an artist, has mastered this craft and now creates 3D jelly cakes, and they do not look like food at all. They are like decorative snow globes. The delectable desserts look like water gardens or koi ponds featuring so many fish and colorful flowers encased within clear gelatin.

She started making such cakes a few years ago. She recently had to battle with breast cancer, and this craft helped her shift focus from negative thoughts as well as physical pain.

The beautiful cakes take up to four hours to make and is created upside down. She renders the flowers with a special injection method. The seaweed jelly or colored gelatin is heated and liquidized before it is piped, onto a clear canvas. After decorating, a base is poured on it to finish it, and when it solidifies, it is flipped properly.