Artist Creates Beautiful Woven Sculptures in the Forests of North Yorkshire

Sculptures have a way of decorating the environment without making it look cramped up. This artist found a way to beautify the forests of North Yorkshire with sculptures that blend into the environment beautifully.

The tradition of weaving can be traced back to ancient times. This art form is also considered as one of the most common crafts in the history of humans. The oldest weaving baskets ever found were created more than 10,000 years ago. Artists all over the world today are also helping to keep this age-old tradition alive. British artist Anna is at the forefront of this campaign. She is also known as Anna and the Willow.

Fortunately, this artist doesn’t stick to just baskets; she creates woven sculptures with intricate designs. She has been practicing her craft for more than ten years now.

See some of her impressive crafts in the gallery below: