Artist Creates Custom Barbie Dolls With Fabulous Hair

Image via welovetheroyaldolls/Instagram

We all know those TV shows where a girl gets her luxurious, dream come true-makeover, right? Well, this Brazilian artist gives fantastic makeovers, but not to humans, but to Barbie dolls.

Rafinha Silva is the magician behind the Instagram account called welovetheroyaldolls. He loves customizing Barbie dolls and his first “piece of art” was a doll inspired by Amy Winehouse which he made back in 2013.

He seeks his inspiration from celebrities and movies, however, he does work with client’s, as well. The makeover process starts by giving a doll another face with new makeup, fancy hair; he even colors, cuts and stylizes the Barbie’s hair. Rafinha dresses the doll in a customized outfit, as well.

Check out his life-like dolls below.