Vivian Xue Rahey Creates Pop Culture Art on Nails

Most people consider nail art to be just putting some nail paint, adding a few decorations, and calling it a day. However, nail artists like Vivian Xue Rahey are showing that nail art can be much more than that.

Rahey creates impressive pop culture art on nails, nailing (pun intended) every detail of the subject. She manages to recreate characters from movies, celebrities, and other pop culture staples on a single nail. Sometimes, she groups all nails on a single hand into a single canvas for even more astonishing works.

Rahey originally started a career in computer science, being part of the team behind several startups. She started being interested in the beauty and cosmetics industry in 2014 while trying to develop an app that would focus on beauty services. During that time, she discovered the world of nail art and ended up being fascinated by it.

“I would spend hours in the bathroom with all this nail polish,” Rahey shared in a chat with SF Chronicle.

Since then, Rahey honed her nail art skills to an impressive level, sharing her works on social media and gaining a huge following. She also started a successful business, Pamper Nail Gallery, which provides fake nails with all sorts of motifs, including her own illustrations.

Check out some of Rahey’s impressive pop culture nail art below.