Artist Uses Paper Cutouts to Make Her Travels More Memorable

How often have we told ourselves that we would cherish our photo albums forever only to find our vacation photos ending up in some unnamed folder on our laptop? We hate to break it to you, but travel photos are so yesterday.

Ana Stretcu thought of a clever way to upgrade her bland travel photos by launching the “I was cutout for this” series. This original series incorporates the places that Stretcu has traveled to and mixes it up with paper cutouts she has created to help add a unique twist to her photos.

The result? Her vacation photos not only end up being more memorable but also more adorable! The paper cutouts tell a story of Stretcu ‘s travel in a way that most photos these days never could. A joyful twist that you might want to explore yourself in your next vacation.

Be sure to scroll down below to see more of her original takes for yourself.