Artist Uses Bold Colors to Highlight The Emotions of Her Characters

While creating her human portraits, the talented Agnes Grochulska likes playing with her brushstrokes. The Virginia-based artist focuses on the facial features of her characters and explains that with the usage of strong lines she wants to “capture the emotion”.

In her latest project, The Outline Series, Grochulska paints a recognizable bold outline where she highlights her painted character.

“The outline acts as a metaphor here… It also represents the contemporary aspect of the painting in its bold and vibrant expressive character,” the artist told Colossal. “My hope is that the abstract form of the outline adds an emotional weight and highlights the human subject by drawing attention to the portrayed face they frame.”

Her works have been exhibited in galleries all around the world. She documents her work on Instagram where her photos regularly get thousands of likes.

Scroll down and check out some of her greatest paintings below. She also owns an online shop where you can purchase some of her paintings.