Australian Artist Sneaks Her Cats Into Her Paintings

Australian painter Vanessa Stockard combines her passion for art and love for her pets to create quirky paintings that are taking over the world. Stockard is a proud owner of three adorable cats – Satan, Kevin The Kittin and his mom Fluff Ferstenberg.

Even though her paintings deal with complex and deep emotions such as sadness or failure, Stockard always finds a way to make her art more enjoyable by sneaking her fluffy pets into the paintings.

“I have always enjoyed reading human traits in animals, cats can be so soft and toy-like, yet demonic too, dogs in their loyalty, just not where food is concerned”, Stockard told Create Magazine.

When asked what inspires her to create these paintings, the artist said: “Each day is different and I never know what’s about to happen in the studio. My palette is chosen depending on my mood, an idea I might have been thinking about during the wakeful hours with my one year old often gets made into a painting the next day.”

Take a look at her interesting artwork in the photos below.